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The Trendsetter Community is designed to cater to various needs and engagement levels of its members, offering a tiered structure that allows for growth and deeper involvement.

Here's an outline of the three levels within the community: 


Level 1: Trendsetters


  • Community Page: A platform for members to learn from like-minded business owners both inside and outside their local community, fostering a sense of community over competition.
  • Free Product Package: Offers a package of free tips to help members get started. This package is listed as a free item in the shop, but members need to provide their email to access it.
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Level 2: Trendsetters Plus


  • Includes All Level 1 Benefits: Members at this level enjoy all the benefits of Level 1.
  • Monthly Product Drops: Members receive monthly drops in their library, which include trends, content ideas for the month, templates, and social media hacks. These are more targeted and specific to industries, offering ready-to-use content.
  • Custom Requests: Members have the ability to request specific materials they need, which can be included in the monthly drops.
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Level 3: Trendsetters Elite


  • Includes All Level 1 and 2 Benefits: Members at this level have access to all the benefits of Levels 1 and 2.

  • Monthly Live Q&As: Offers monthly live Q&A sessions with a member of the team, along with surprise bonus meetups for special training.

  • Weekly Interaction & Monitoring: The team engages weekly with the community, answering questions, approving designs, providing guidance, and more. A dedicated circle, such as "Ask The Gals," may be available for leaving questions.

  • Consultation Discount: Members receive a $50 discount off a 1:1 consultation with Britt.

  • Automated Access to Products: Level 3 members automatically have access to all products in their library, eliminating the need for monthly uploads for Levels 2 and 3.

  • Already part of Trendsetter Plus? Join Trendsetter Elite for 20% off the first month. Discount code can be found in your Trendsetter Plus welcome email. 
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