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How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work In 2023?

It feels like we're constantly scrolling through our feeds, weeding through sponsored posts and advertisements, all to get a tiny glimpse of the friends we follow and want to see. You're not alone in that feeling.

The funny thing about Instagram is that there is no one "holy grail" algorithm that someone could decode for us. According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, several algorithms are trying to push specific content out to targeted audiences. The feed, explore page, reels, and story algorithms all differ.

With Instagram's ever-evolving algorithms, it can feel not easy to keep your marketing goals on track. Especially for influencers and independent UGC creators. Let's explain how the Instagram algorithm can work for you in 2023.

What's important to hack the Instagram algorithm?

Posting original content will be a huge engagement driver for all users this year. Show up more authentically using your brand's voice. Put your spin on hot topics in your industry. More original content will give users more of a reason to consume your brand's posts than others who rely on reposting the work and thoughts of others.

What should you be posting to the feed?

Photo priority is making a long-awaited appearance! Carousels are where you will get the most engagement on your photos if you decide not to post reels. The "photo-dumps" is as popular as ever. What makes them so popular is the casual, candidness of the photos people are choosing to add.

Pro-tip is to use a CTA (call to action) in your captions to get users to comment, save or interact with your website. Content will rank higher in the algorithm's eyes based on the user's preferences, interaction with your content, and history of searching for content in the same vein.

What type of reels should you be posting?

Don't worry. You can still hop on trends, but I challenge you to move away from them. The type of original content that is educational, entertaining, or solves some problem. These are where we are going to see a jump in popularity.

Get ready with me; industry hot takes, a day in my life, product testing, and doing voice-over videos are only a few ideas of where you can start.

What should you be posting to the stories?

This year the focus is getting viewers to engage with your content. Posting static stories will get you by, but you will need more time to contact you far. Try experimenting with story tools like polls, questions, and quizzes to reach your audience used to interacting with you. This way, you can make them feel involved with your brand and feel more of a genuine connection to whomever the person is behind the brand. You may not see an initial response, but your audience may need time to get used to it! Start posting interactive stories about three times a week to get them in the habit.

What about Hashtags?

Keep using them! Adam Mosseri recently stated that using all 30 available hashtags won't be better than ten targeted hashtags for your posts. Suppose you are researching keywords within your industry and using your findings. In that case, the posts you create will reach the intended audience.

If any of these tips seem out of reach for you, reach out to us. We embrace the chaos, so you don’t have to. Check out all our services and more on our website

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