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Consultation Package Benefits Unwrapped

If you're a small business reading this and you've been thinking of outsourcing your digital marketing, but you don't know where to start... you've stumbled into the right corner of the internet! Our Better Marketing Co. Team offers user-friendly marketing strategies to level up your business to crush those big dream goals of yours.

My hope is that this blog will inspire you to schedule that call with us, so we can start improving your marketing strategy without the hassle.⁠

What does feel like a hassle is having to constantly keep up with the shift of pop culture trends and the seemingly never-ending world news. ⁠

Do you wake up and experience the feeling of impending doom when you think about posting to social media? ⁠Yeah, that's pretty normal these days. Especially for a small business owner like yourself. You have a million other things tugging at you for attention. Employees, trainings, tracking sales, bills... the list never seems to near an end when you're the one spearheading everything. ⁠

Spending minutes, upon hours, upon days researching TikTok trends most likely is NOT the first thing you want to be dealing with.⁠ If you could just push pause, I could see you doing that YESTERDAY! ⁠

That's where we come in pretty handy as a resource for you!

You've probably started to warm up to the idea of giving us call because trading in the inconvenience of having to keep up with the trends for a fully laid out strategy for success sounds a whole lot better. ⁠

So, what does a consultation call every month actually look like?⁠

3 Things You Can Expect During a Monthly Consultation Call with Us⁠


1:1 Training with a marketing expert⁠

You'll be jumping on a call for a full hour of knowledge sharing, best practice advising and vision planning! Our head of marketing now enters the chat​ Since we will be the ones gathering the latest and greatest marketing data, during the call our team will be sitting down to walk you through any social media practices or processes you may be struggling with.

Personalized strategies catered to meet your goals⁠.

Are the current trends forecasting the most growth is via ecommerce on Instagram? We'll walk you through the steps to successfully post! Are your interactive Facebook/Instagram stories not getting any interaction? We can help kickstart a new approach. We'll have a sure-fire strategy uniquely drawn up to encouraging your targeted audience to start interacting with your content.

Your success is what motivates us to try and try again to find unique ways to show up for your audiences. Does one strategy we tried last month not get the results you were hoping for? We will start from a whole new angle to crack that dang algorithm code. It takes time, but we're dedicated.

A fully planned out calendar month⁠!

Y'all... this is where the magic during our hour call happens. We just spent the last few weeks completely customizing a full calendar month for you AHEAD OF TIME. What's unique about Better Marketing is that we're the planners, preppers and attention to detail lovers. We don't really like to just plan as we go. Is this month January? Yeah, we're already halfway done planning the month of February for you. Candy conversation hearts and cheesy love songs are dancing around in our heads while you're probably still recovering from Christmas and New Year's.

We love it this way. It opens up so much room for you to be creative based on an already built out calendar. We do the research, organize that research, then we pull the best trends and themes of the current climate, plan out your calendar strategically choosing certain dates for certain content like a little puzzle, then we wrap it up and tie it in a bow for delivery during our call! Simple.

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